Orange Peel Vinegar Cleaning Solution

My daughter learned how to make this concoction from her teacher last year. It was winter at the time, when her class was apparently eating a lot of clementine oranges at lunch or snack time. If you're like us though, some sort of orange is in the fruit basket year round (I'm currently staring at three large, juicy navel oranges!). The essential oils that come out of the orange naturally add a perfect citrus freshness to our favorite all-purpose natural cleaner (white vinegar!).


orange twisted peel.jpg


Enjoy snacking on delicious oranges. Fill a large glass Mason jar with the orange peels. Cover peels with vinegar. Screw on lid and let sit for about two weeks. Strain off the liquid, then use as a cleaning solution in any way you wish, perhaps even adding it to a spray bottle for easier use. For certain surfaces, you may want to dilute with water.

*Why not create your own citrus mix, adding lemon or grapefruit peels!