With a roster of bodily complaints (fatigue, weight, mood, cravings) I came to Jennifer for some sound nutritional guidance. Not only did she fine tune all of my physical hiccups, she was a sensitive and caring listener to my personal and emotional triggers, too. She truly understands the mind-body connection and has a sincere and nurturing approach that’s more friend than physician, so that you leave feeling more self aware than self-conscious. Jennifer Medley is an invaluable resource for navigating healthy living in the big city.
— E. Thormahlen
Traditionally, we think of healthy eating as “not eating” or as an alternative that will not allow us to enjoy food. Jennifer pointed out some great healthier (and tasty) alternatives to the foods I eat on a regular basis—making it more likely that I’ll make lasting changes.
— J. Vasquez
The exposure to new foods, new concepts, and new products made me rethink the way I shop for food and the foods that I choose. I became more aware of the value of eating a more healthful way and have changed my eating habits accordingly. The practical experience complemented the efforts of Jennifer to teach me of new ways to think about food.
— N. Mennis
Jennifer has given me a terrific grounding in nutrition, based on my own needs, personal profile and health issues. She meticulously researched answers to my questions and helped me put together a plan for a healthier lifestyle. Her focus, responsiveness, sense of humor, and personal attention is a lovely surprise compared with other health professionals. I’m now also a much more savvy consumer of the products that best support my family’s health, thanks to Jennifer’s abundant knowledge and her personalized and fun health food store tour.
— P. Reid
Jennifer’s questions quickly guided me to the various items giving me trouble. It’s amazing how just taking the time to think about the food we eat provides a lot of clarity.
— G. Soden