The Written Word

In addition to one-on-one wellness work, I am a freelance writer of health and environmental topics.

Some of my past writing:

"Shopping Cart Smarts"
Green Door Magazine--choose healthier food for your family while voting with your shopping dollars.

"Clean and Simple Germ Defense"
Kiwi Magazine--wash your hands of unnecessary and potentially harmful antibacterial soaps. (PDF file)

"Safe Hair Day"
Kiwi Magazine--color your hair sans health risk. (PDF file)

"Changing Diapers"
Kiwi Magazine--eco-diaper review, cloth and disposables that passed the test on my daughter. (PDF file)

"Tap Into Healthier Water"
Kiwi Magazine--why and how to filter your home's drinking water. (PDF file)

"Measuring Up: Beta-Carotene"
Kiwi Magazine (PDF file)

"Then Comes Baby"
Kiwi Magazine--postnatal nutrition tips for busy new moms. (PDF file)

"Organics for Athletes"
Metro Sports New York Magazine--why going organic is an especially smart choice for athletes. (PDF file)

"Culture Club"
Time Out New York Magazine--the craze of ancient kombucha tea. 

"Fruit of the Boom"
Time Out New York Magazine--how to incorporate exotic superfruits into your diet--goji berries, acerola, acai, mangosteen, and noni.