Re-Diversify, Starting with Breakfast

To celebrate surviving round-the-clock nausea from the first 19 weeks of my third pregnancy, I joined in on a winter weekend yoga retreat in the northern Adirondacks, put on by dear friend, Zaidee Bliss (owner of Align Again Yoga near Saratoga Springs).

Zaidee and I met during nutrition school studies many moons ago and she's remained a big inspiration to me, for both food ideas and for life. This retreat was the perfect medicine to help me re-balance and re-nourish after the little storm that's been taking place in my body. 

The biggest reminder I got from eating Zaidee's delicious, healthy meals (other than the reminder of how amazing it is to be cooked for!): how important it is to shake up our food habits. It's not just laziness, it's human nature to create habits in order to save time and brain energy -- we do this when food shopping (using the same shopping list over and over) and also when planning meals.

We must remember to re-diversify, especially since different foods have different amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats. Mixing it up helps ensure complete nutrition…and spontaneity! 



Even the retreat's line-up one morning of oatmeal additions was inspiring; I realized how often I blindly grab my family's rote porridge toppings.

Prepare oatmeal (or other hot cereal) as usual. Then set out these toppings and any others you fancy, add the ones that scream out to you.

-Chia seeds
-Hemp seeds
-Sesame seeds
-Goji berries
-Turmeric (I saw Zaidee add this, who knew!)
-Coconut oil
-Almond butter
-Maple syrup
-Date sugar 
-Baked apples
-Homemade almond milk


By adding a well-rounded selection of toppings, you will instantly upgrade an otherwise "average" bowl of porridge!